Modern decor is as popular now as it’s ever been. Many people are striving to achieve this look in their home and most search out furniture and lighting based on its design. They look for pieces with clean lines and bold shapes. Unfortunately decor which has these traits also are often quite expensive. There is another option which can achieve that contemporary look without costing any more than its alternatives. That option is going white.

Just by furnishing a room with white furniture you can achieve that modern look even if the design of the furniture isn’t considered modern. Reason being this color (or lack of color) gives a clean, minimalist, high-end look to a room. Take the traditional living room. Exchange that brown leather sofa for a white sofa. Regardless whether it’s made of leather or fabric, the color alone will achieve the same goal, helping to give the room a modernist feel. Go even further and change out the side tables for white ones, again, regardless of design. Add a white lamp and entertainment center. And then just for a touch of color accent the sofa with a blue or red coffee table to make the whole room pop.

Say you’re too attached to your furniture too change it out, or are just not ready to do so yet, don’t worry there’s other things you could do achieve the same effect. One option is to paint. A lot, if not most homes have off white walls. While still white, this common shade is not very contemporary looking. So instead paint the walls stark white to really modernize them. Or if you have pets, change out their pet furniture. Throw out your dog’s old grey cotton stuffed bed for a modern pet bed in white. And go a little further and change out the grey lamps for white ones. The more little changes like this the more you achieve that chic contemporary look you want.

It’s important to mention though that with this color comes extra care and cleaning because it’s harder to hide those scrapes, messes and dirt in general. So those with kids might want to rethink this color change. For the rest of you I say try it out, and see what a big difference it can make.